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Charles King: A Record Holder For The Most Rigged Election

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Charles Dunbar Burgess King popularly known as Charles King. born on the 12th of March,1875 earned a Guinness book of record for the most rigged election ever.

Charles King started his first tenure as the president in 1919 and he ruled for 10 years.

The 1927 presidential election was when he wanted to go for his 3rd term and he rigged it gathering 15X more votes than the number of voters.


Charles did the most fraudulent thing in Liberia during the 1927 presidential election after he defeated his opponent Thomas Faulkner with 234,000 votes whereas, there were only 15,000 registered voters in Liberia then.

Charles King was a member of True Whig party then while his opponent Thomas Faulkner was a member of People’s party.

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The Election which was held on the 3rd of May, 1927 was described by head of the National Election Commission Francis Johnson Morris as the most rigged election in the world which also made it to the Guinness book of record.

In the Election, Charles King earned 234,000 votes while Thomas Faulkner earned 9000 votes.

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After the election, the people’s party presidential candidate Thomas Faulkner accused the True Whig party of participating in forced labour and slavery with the help of the Liberian Army.

The accusation led to the league of nations to establish a body that will look into the accusations.

The result of the accusation was published and they found out that Charles King was benefiting from the forced labour which made the House of Representatives begin the impeachment process.

To avoid shame, Charles King resigned as the president of Liberia in 1930.

Edwin Barclay succeeded him as the president of Liberia and he ruled for 14 years.

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Thomas Faulkner also contested for the 1931 election, he lost again.

Charles King was later pronounced dead in September 1961.

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