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CBN Imporves Action to Regulate Mobile Money Services



cbn cbn - cbn 300x188 - CBN Imporves Action to Regulate Mobile Money Services

The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, has released Regulatory Guidelines and Framework for Mobile Money Services in the country to create an enabling environment for orderly introduction and management of the services.

The guidelines stated that the  Mobile Money Operators (MMOs) shall not carry out the following activities: Grant any form of loans, advances and guarantees (directly or indirectly); Accept foreign currency deposits; Deal in the foreign exchange market except as prescribed in Section 4.1 (ii & iii) of the extant Guidelines for Licensing and Regulation of Payment Service Banks in Nigeria; Insurance underwriting;  Accept any closed scheme electronic value (e.g. airtime) as a form of deposit or payment; Establish any subsidiary; Undertake any other transaction which is not prescribed by these Guidelines; And any other activities that may be prohibited by the CBN.

On interest distribution on savings wallet, Section 10.1.3 stated: “Fees and charges for the management of the investment shall not be more than 10 percent of interest income on savings wallet funds investment.

‘‘Where an MMO operates a savings wallet, i.e., a wallet earning interest, it shall expressly inform subscribers of the following:


“The minimum balance on the savings wallet that qualify to earn interest; The allowable number of withdrawals to be entitled to earn interest; The minimum savings period to earn interest; The applicable balance that would earn interest; The procedure for determining interest amount distributable to subscribers which should stipulate the minimum percentage of interest income to be distributed to subscribers and the proportion to be retained by the MMO, if applicable; The applications of section 10.1.3 (b) (i) to (v) in distributing interest shall be automated.”

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The section further stated: “On no account whatsoever, shall a Mobile Money savings wallet account holder suffer diminution in the principal sum on his/her wallet as a result of fees or charges; Deposit Money Banks serving as settlement banks are prohibited from off-setting any other transactions of the MMO, including the transaction wallet pool accounts, against the savings wallet principal pool accounts and savings wallets interest pool account; and MMOs shall comply with the minimum disclosure requirements on the financial statements as stipulated by the Bank”.

Section 10.1.2 of th guidelines stated:




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