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Buhari receives Madagascar’s herbal cure, discloses next action



Buhari receives Madagascar’s herbal cure, reveals the next procedure before usage

Madagascar's herbal cure Buhari receives Madagascar’s herbal cure, discloses next action - images 91 300x169 - Buhari receives Madagascar’s herbal cure, discloses next action

President Muhammadu buhari has received the anticipated Magadascar’s herbal cure for Covid-19.

Assistant to President Muhammadu buhari on New Media, Bashir Ahmed made this known on Saturday.

Bashir said FG emphasized that his government will put science first when it comes to health of his people; hence there would be process before giving permission to usage of any drug/medicine.

He tweeted, “President @Mbuhari has received the Madagascan native formulation against the COVID–19 pandemic.



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“He reiterated that he will listen to science before allowing traditional or any new medicines to be administered on Nigerians.”

“We have our institutions, systems and processes in the country. Any such formulations should be sent to them for verification.


“ I will not put it to use without the endorsement of our institutions.”
More so, the Madagascar’s herbal cure has stirred a lot controversy. But it has reportedly cured many patients from the Source, Madagascar, a country on the Island in East Africa. Should the World Health Organisation look critically into it and accept among the promising cures for the deadly disease that has infected over a million and over 300, 000 deaths globally.
This should, however, not stop the precaution measures; remember that social distancing is essential of the various measures laid down by the different health bodies in the world, headed by World Health Organisation (WHO). Be responsible.

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