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Breaking: COVID-19 Task Force Shot Policewoman Dead In Port Harcourt



The Community of Eneka in the Obio- Akpo local government was thrown into turmoils yesterday as Governor Wike COVID-19 Taskforce team allegedly shot dead a policewoman on duty.

task force shot policewoman - images 29 1 - Breaking: COVID-19 Task Force Shot Policewoman Dead In Port Harcourt

According to an eyewitness, the Task Force, came to chase people out of the Eneka market believing that the time given to them was enough, but there was a certain shoemaker that always exceeded the actual time given to them by the task force, so it was gathered that one of the task force as purposely decided to deal with the shoemaker, as they came out with their bus they went directly to the shop of the shoemaker.

This led the policewoman who used to do the job of a traffic warden in the locale to intercede in the shoemaker’s case as the taskforce, threatens to arrest him, in this way one of the task force got exasperated with the plea of the policewoman and fired a shot at the shoemaker but the Shoemaker was lucky enough to dodge the bullet, unfortunately, the bullet hit the policewoman towards the head and she died immediately.

Ever since that moment of the incidence, the entire market was shut down and the locality was in total fear, even the shoemaker who caused the uproar as taken to his heel as the time of writing the news.


According to people, this policewoman is an easygoing woman who has never been playing truant with her job, one pathetic thing about the policewoman was that she is breastfeeding her little child which was about five months old.

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In this regards, every situation now is within Governor Wike’s reach to handle the justice, because we need to ask ourselves whether it is the right of any force man to kill any citizen for such a trivial matter of enforcing restriction order.

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