Saturday, September 26, 2020

Benefit Boys: Here Is Who They Are And How They Make Their Money

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The latest trend currently going on in Nigeria has to do with young teenagers who now regard themselves as benefit boys. While this is a shocking reality, no one would have predicted that a day like this will come starring us in the eyes.

How would we have predicted that a day will come when students will no longer respect their teachers because they are richer than them or because they drive more expensive cars than their teachers?5ominds 5ominds

In case you’re wondering what benefit boys mean, I have decided to write this article in order to share more light on what benefit boys actually means and the kind of things these set of boys are doing in their respective Secondary schools.

Benefit Boys  5ominds 5ominds
Benefit Boys

Benefit boys from my little research are the set of young individuals who are into cyber fraud. This set of young individuals are the ones receiving some of the benefit money given to American citizens by the American government.

You will all recall that the coronavirus has hampered a lot of activities most especially business activities across the world. America is one of the worst hit countries when it comes to coronavirus with over 1million confirmed cases and more than 130,000 deaths.

In order to cushion the effect of Covid-19 on its citizens, the American government pay more than 2/3 of its population some certain kind of money called the Unemployment benefits. This unemployment benefit is paid weekly to almost every American citizens. The benefit falls into the category of unemployment insurance. 5ominds 5ominds

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The unemployment benefi paid to Americans weekly is $600 and monthly equates $2,400. It is therefore part of these unemployment benefits paid to average Americans that young Nigerians rob them of.

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As we all know at the moment that cyber crime in Nigeria is on the increase. It has gotten to a point where there are so many youths engaging in it as a past time while schools are under lock and key.

Nigerian youths with no job at hand have therefore joined the train of “Yahoo boys” who disguise as who they are not in order to rip white men and women of their hard earned currency. 5ominds 5ominds

They spend hours on their phones visiting foreign dating website, getting involved in romance scam and the other scam known as E-mail scam among several others.

While using a name that does not belong to them and pretending to be who they are not, these Nigerian youths dupe Americans who are looking for a worthwhile relationship partner online. 5ominds 5ominds

Hence after sweet talking these Americans for days, they are forced to part with some of their benefit money after they have been emotionally caged.

The benefit money received from unsuspecting Americans by “Yahoo Boys” is what we call benefit money. The set of Yahoo Boys that benefit from this “Benefit Money” are themselves called “Benefit Boys”5ominds 5ominds

These young teenagers have thus taken over with many maltreating even their teachers just because they have money to spend. Their kind of lifestyle include buying expensive cars, smoking, partying, wearing expensive clothes and shoes, using expensive wristwatches and buying the latest and sleekest phones.

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