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Beirut Explosion: Live Updates As Residents Pick Up Pieces of Their Shattered Lives

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Beirut Explosion that happened at the port in the capital city of Lebanon on Tuesday August 4, left no less than 78 people dead and some 4000 people wounded.  That’s according to initial reports by Lebanese authorities, following the massive double explosions that rocked the usually quiet Beirut and shook the entire world.

Beirut Explosion 5ominds 5ominds

Meanwhile, as people continued to search for their missing loved ones and relatives, not much could be done on Tuesday owing to the fact that nearly half of the city was out of electricity following the explosions. So rescue workers had to wait till sunrise Wednesday morning to continue with search and rescue.


“We need everything to hospitalize the victims, and there is an acute shortage of everything,” Lebanon’s health minister told reporters.

Search is on for survivors after blast kills more than 100.

Rescue workers still struggling to treat thousands of people wounded in an enormous explosion that rocked Beirut turned their attention on Wednesday morning to the desperate search for survivors. Early hours of Wednesday saw rescue workers digging through rubbles in search for survivors. Also, news filtering in this morning can now confirm that death toll is now a 100.

Beirut Explosion- Rescue workers 5ominds 5ominds
Rescue workers search through rubbles

Extent of The Beirut Explosion

The blast, so powerful it could be felt more than 150 miles away in Cyprus, leveled whole sections of the city near the port of Beirut.  Blast that left nothing but twisted metal and debris for blocks in Beirut’s downtown business district.

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Beirut Explosion 3 5ominds 5ominds

Also, the waterfront usually full of restaurants and nightclubs was entirely leveled. A number of crowded residential neighborhoods in the city’s eastern and predominantly Christian half were also completely ravaged.

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Nearly all the windows along one popular commercial strip had been blown out and the street was littered with glass, rubble and cars that had slammed into each other after the blast. The buildings that remained standing in the blast area looked as if they had been skinned, leaving only hulking skeletons.

Beirut Explosion 5ominds 5ominds

What The Officials Are Saying Concerning Beirut Explosion Cause

While speaking with, Health Minister, Hamad Hasan said “There are many people missing until now. People are asking the emergency department about their loved ones and it is difficult to search at night because there is no electricity”

He went further,  stating how everything is needed to hospitalize the victims as there is shortage of everything after the hospitals have been overwhelmed. Mr. Hassan told local news stations on Wednesday morning.

Questions continued to be raised though regarding what could have caused this doomsday style occurrence. Officials have maintained that it appeared the blast was caused by the detonation of more than 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate, a chemical commonly used in fertilizer and bombs, which had been stored in a warehouse at the port since it was confiscated from a cargo ship in 2014.

Cause of Beirut Explosion 5ominds 5ominds5ominds 5ominds

“As head of the government, I will not relax until we find the responsible party for what happened, hold it accountable and apply the most serious punishments against it,” Prime Minister Hassan Diab said.

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More Pictures From The Scene

After The Beirut Explosion 5ominds 5ominds5ominds 5omindsBeirut explosion today 5ominds 5ominds

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