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Before Attending the ‘Buhari Must Go’ Protest, Ask Yourself These Two Questions



The anti-government protest scheduled for June 12, 2021, is gathering momentum across the country. According to the organiser of the protest, Omoyele Sowore, the demonstration will be held in more than 30 cities across the world.

The protest was tagged ‘buhari Must Go’. Insecurity, hunger, unemployment, lopsided appointments, favoritism and other national issues are motivators for the movement. The suspension of Twitter’s operation by the Federal Government is also one of the reasons for the protest. Oduduwa and Biafra agitators are also included in the movement.

Many Nigerians have agreed to join the protest organized by the former presidential candidate, Omoyele Sowore. However, before you join the protest, there are two questions you need to ask yourself.

First, what is the intention or motive of the organizers of the movement?


The organiser claimed the economic situation and insecurity were the reasons for the protest. How are we sure there are no ulterior motives behind the movement? We shouldn’t forget the experience of the ENDSARS protest in 2020, where a good movement was hijacked by desperate politicians and their foreign collaborators. Nigerians have yet to recover from the aftermath of the ENDSARS protest. Before you join any politician in a protest against the government, make sure you understand why they are doing so.

Second, why is the protest tagged ‘buhari Must Go’?

The slogan for the protest had already been revealed by the intention of the organizer. Is it a ploy to overthrow a democratically elected government? We must understand that buhari is an elected president and can only be removed through a democratic process. No amount of protest or insurrection can remove him. If you are not satisfied with the president, call your representatives to impeach him or wait till 2023.

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These are the two questions you must ask yourself before joining the protest.

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