August Alsina’s ‘Shake The World’ Lyrics Meaning Explained

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August Alsina’s ‘Shake The World’ Lyrics Meaning Explained: Recently, rapper August Alsina showed his entanglement with Jada Pinkett Smith in his latest song Shake The World. In this song, he showcases all of Jada’s Problems described in the song. Those who listened to that song didn’t get the meaning of that song. Now, a 29-year-old guy has uncovered the meaning in the book Red Table Talk Host. The R&B singer dropped his song on Tuesday, April 5. He alluded to his liaison with Jada Pinkett Smith in the lyrics. Follow More Update On Olasmediatv.com

August Alsina's 'Shake The World' Lyrics Meaning Explained

August Alsina’s ‘Shake The World’ Lyrics

I heard it was canceled. Let me speak on that. A red dot on my back I became a target, And I’m flawed but flawless. That’s what makes me August. He continued to sing about the world’s favorite in reference to Smith. I heard there was some nonsense about to happen when you got a billion bucks in the elevator. Of course, when you get caught up with the world’s favorite, something bad is destined to happen.

It is reported that the 50-year-old has an affair with the rapper. She had her husband Will Smith on her show, and the two discussed their marriage and August Alsina for the world to watch. Many say, the rapper took the position of Will. Recently, an interview is going on between Jada and Will Smith where they were talking about their relationship. The video was uploaded on YouTube and the title of the video was Jada Pinkett Smith breaking Will Smith’s heart for 4 minutes straight.

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August Alsina’s ‘Shake The World’ Lyrics Meaning

This shows that Will Smith is a broken man. He’s is in a toxic relationship and simply snapped last night. Another one. I just feel awful for him. It was really a joy to help heal somebody really hit me like you healed some dude while breaking your husband? Being unfaithful? She never even says sorry. Here’s another one. The way she didn’t want to actually say I cheated on you and disguise it by saying entanglement. High-level narcissism.

Here’s another. This has got to be one of the most publicly disgraceful and disrespectful relationships I’ve ever seen! Whether the marriage is over or not he’s your son’s friend could be your son too! I love them both always did, Fresh Prince days I loved Will because he looked like my son! But I’ve lost respect for them both! Seriously, bad marriage for life’! SMH


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