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As Ooni of Ife Leads by example, See the meme they make about him



As Ooni Of Ife Leads by example, see how meme is made out of his Legendary act

as ooni of ife leads by example, see the meme they make about him - FB IMG 15879667574404486 258x300 - As Ooni of Ife Leads by example, See the meme they make about him

Oba Adeyeye Adewusi, Ooni of Ife is the most revered king in Yoruba Land, equal to an Orisa, an object of worship. Ooni of Ife has been proactive and concerned about the deadly coronavirus.

This is why he revealed the herbal mixture that could battle the deadly disease. He made a video in Yoruba, his indigenous language and interpreted it English. What else do we expect of a loving father and Grand Yoruba icon.

This is why I was surprised at the meme that surfaced online. We need to investigate into the reasoning of some people. That the king makes use of face mask speaks well of him. Because he did not only rely on his tradomedic knowledge, he duly followed and obeyed the law. These are the kind of people God and the ancestors favour. Well done, the great King.

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