Angel Gomes hasn’t signed the contract offered to him by MUFC. His contract is up tomorrow and he’s set to leave.

Angel Gomes may tomorrow not be a Manchester United player after his deal expires in coming days.

While there has been a lot of speculations concerning the talented youngster getting to sign a new deal with the football club. It became apparent that no agreement was made.

Angel Gomes


The news of the latest development concerning Angel Gomes’s contract extension was confirmed by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer that highly-rated youngster Angel Gomes is yet to sign a contract extension and looks set to leave Manchester United.

While there are fears that he may potentially turn into a cornerstone once rejected, others have reacted to the news that he has no quality he is bringing to the club.

It is no doubt that Angel Gomes is a talented youngster at Manchester united full of life and a potential player who might become big in future but it seems Manchester united don’t learn.

Just like what happened to Paul Pogba at Manchester united, it seems they are letting a repeat performance take place before their own very eyes.

With Manchester united signing another midfield attacker in person of Bruno Fernandez and potentially looking to sign Jack Grealish, it therefore looked more like Gomes won’t be getting any playing time at Manchester united anytime soon.

Hence with no visible playing time at Manchester united, the young attacker will try to look for greener pasture outside the shores of Manchester.


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