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American Doctor exposes the secret plans of china to Colonise and takeover Africa



Dr. Umar Johnson, Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Certified School Psychologist has claimed that China is Taking over Africa.

During an interview on The Voice Radio, He allege that China is trying to Colonise and Takeover Africa by giving out Loans that Africa nations can’t Payback.

He said: “Ethiopia is the only African Nation that cannot be colonized” In a Video Monitored by odinceblog, Umar said that Ethiopia is one of the Largest African country that cannot be Colonised but Ethiopia has to do something fast because they are becoming over depended on Chinese Support.

“And why is the Chinese taking over Africa? They are coming into Africa for 3 reasons.”


Reason Number 1: “China is over Populated, I was there in 2018, they have over 2 billion people in one Country, Americans only have 500 Million but China has 2 Billion people, they are looking for Unexplored Lands where they can save their poor excess people and Africa is perfect, that’s number one.”

In the Reason Number 2:  He said “China is coming into Africa to Build Factories so that they can make More profit by paying workers less than what they pay them in china.”

Reason Number 3 “China is coming to Africa to takeover its Resources just Like the White men, that’s why they are giving out Loans, Let me be clear, the money that china is giving to Africa are not Grass they are loans”

Reason Number 4: They are in Africa is to make Africa depending on them culturally, intellectually, Educationally and other words because China Plans to Colonise Africa the same way the white men did.”

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He mentioned a lot of people who have died for Africa to be free, and 60 years after the white men were kicked out of Africa, they want to hand it over to the Chinese.


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He further Revealed That China wants to enslave Africa, building Military Bases and Police stations in Africa, adding that some African countries like Wakanda allowed China to bring their own Police officers into the country.

“Africa is letting china bring their own Police.

He added that there is going to be a conflict, that Africans are going to be disrespected by the Chinese, it will turn into a group conflict, there is going to be a civil war and china is going to send their army and they will colonise Africa, they are going to do just like America does “WE ARE MAKING YOUR COUNTRY SAVE FOR DEMOCRACY”

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