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All The South-South And South-West Governors Made Us Proud Again By Compelling These For Buhari



All The South-South And South-West Governors Made Us Proud Again By Compelling These For Buhari


It is now that we can say we have governors. In the Southern part of Nigeria, it is now glaring that our governors have woken up from their slumber. Before this period, it was obvious that Nigeria was ruled by some kakistocrat set of politicians in which Muhammad Buhari was the head of the government.


The law that was formulated by Buhari and his coteries on several policies shows that the country is fondly ruled in favor of Buhari’s Fulani tribe.



Many are the atrocities of the Fulani people; many killings have been traced to their rebellion activities and what was observed was that no matter the gravity of the crime committed, they will always go scot-free.


Their complicities began when they claimed ownership of Nigeria. As a result, several killings occurred in Benue. Mass killings that occurred in Jos, Kaduna, and Niger also suffered as the marauders were plundering the land with impunity.



The farmers in the eastern part of Nigeria were also clamoring for help when their farm produce was ravaged by the marauders. The shameful act of the marauders was later seen as an act of claiming several lands in Nigeria.

Some Marauders

While all this was happening, the Southern governors believed that Buhari was doing all he could, but what they thought was happening was that the Fulani marauders were too formidable for Buhari to dislodge. Little did they know that the marauders were acting on the instruction given to them by the people in Nigeria’s highest hierarchy.


All of a sudden, God in his infinite mercy has finally opened the eyes of the Southern governors when they saw that the Fulani marauders invaded the community in Ebonyi and killed scores. The same thing occurred in Gangan, an Oyo state community, where people died and several properties were destroyed.


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Based on the complicities in which the people of the South were slaughtered, the South governors, numbering 17, met to discuss the matter affecting their people to put an end to the Buhari megalomaniac of power, which was bedeviled by subjective criticisms and uninterrupted marginalizations on the 5th of May, 2021 in Delta state.

South-west governors

The meeting, which was the first of its kind, put a stoppage to Fulani open grazing. It repudiates political shenanigans in respect of Fulani’s partial rulings.


The governors did it all by mandating Buhari to sign the law by supporting it openly.



The loathsome attitudinal conduct of the Buhari administration to jettison the law that was agreed upon by these 17 governors sends a premonition to the governors and implies that if they do not embark on the law, Buhari and his cohorts will find a way to nullify it. Thus, the governors met again on July 5th, 2021, and promulgated another law that serves as a sequel to the previous one.

Governors arriving at the venue of the meeting

The law also impeded the brutal law enacted by the house of the assembly to keep enslaving the Niger Delta people.


The national assembly recently passed a law that any revenue generated from the oil extracted in the Niger Delta should be split into several parts, in which 30% should be set aside for the agency that is in search of oil in the Northern region, while only 3% should be given to the Niger Delta, where the oil is extracted.

However, the governors have to cancel the nefarious and barbaric law by supporting and standing in favor of their people.



Consequently, it is imperative to note that no citizen should berate the Southern governors because, despite the wickedness of Buhari, none of them is paranoid about hearing his name. They are ready to vouch for their people, thus all the people should stand in their favor.



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