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All About Jim Bakker Scandal Details



Jim Bakker Scandal Explained: All About Jim Bakker Scandal Details: The American televangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker were among the most famous personalities with living their lives in luxury with owning multiple houses and costly cars and uncountable money but after the sex scandal and financial issues, nothing remains the same. In the following years due to the loss of their ministry, the Bakker did not let a lockup penalty. As you get some pre-information by reading down the page you will get further details ahead. Read more to know about them in this article. Follow More Update On

Jim Bakker Scandal Explained  - All About Jim Bakker Scandal Details - All About Jim Bakker Scandal Details

Jim Bakker Scandal Explained

When they lose their very popular TV network, the closure of the Christian rendition of Disneyland theme park and their divorce, and the financial issue kept them down and kept out of the limelight. During the mid of 70s, they were evolving in the family phrases via their TV show. Media Mogul Ted Turner acquired the right of telecasting their show The PTL Club where PTL meant that Praise the Lord or People That Loved which was initially telecasted on North Carolina’s small station. John Wigger writer of PTL(The rise and fall of Jim and Tammy Bakker) said that Bakker really wanted to make a Christian rendition of The Tonight Show which was Bakker’s first creation.


Jim Bakker Scandal Details

Wigger said that the Bakkers also bought many rights of TV stations across the country and he also told that in 1978 Jim Bakker wanted to distribute his paid programs more widely and more efficiently so in order to do that he created a satellite. In order to fund his establishment, the Bakkers anchored a telethon and appealed to the viewers to become a member with monthly signup in PTL Club.

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He chose a different way to promote his enterprise instead of heading toward the commercial company he directly appeal to the viewers that if they liked what they see then help them and all of their favorite shows were asking them to give them funds by purchasing their products.


The fund started pouring in and they had a cash office and at certain times there was more money than they could imagine he said. They received help in the form of diamond rings, deed, and mink coats. And by the mid-80s they built an empire of multimillion dollars. The Bakkers had two kids by then and they had not realized that would come to an end and he never imagined that it would be finished in the last Hardister said.