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African Countries May Not Get Vaccinated Until 2022

Since the Vaccine for the dreaded pandemic has been found, African Countries are not making plans to approve the Vaccine for use. It also makes you wonder why African leaders are not saying anything about the vaccine.

Countries like the United Kingdom and the United States have both signed an agreement with Pfizer/BioNtech to deliver the vaccine for use even before it was approved.

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TOPSHOT – A staff member of the Ministry of Health measures the temperature of drivers and passengers during the testing of the COVID-19 Coronavirus on the highway in Nakuru, Kenya, on March 31, 2020. (Photo by Suleiman MBATIAH / AFP) (Photo by SULEIMAN MBATIAH/AFP via Getty Images)

This raises Concern that African countries including poor Nations worldwide may not get Vaccinated Until 2022 if the United Nations did not make any move.

England was the first country to approve the Vaccine for use. The United States has also approved the vaccine to be delivered for use since they have the highest cases of Covid-19 in the World.

The United States is also making plans to approve and order the Moderna Vaccine.

It was also recently announced that Israel has ordered about 6 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine as each person is to take 2 doses.

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Rich Nations acquiring the vaccine makes you wondering when African Countries will get vaccinated.


Rich Nations like the United States and the United Kingdom have taken the opportunity to get hold of the Vaccine while poor Countries mostly African Countries are waiting for the World Health Organization program which has not commenced.

The World Health Organization have not made mention of anything about the program, hopefully, that will happen in 2021.

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There are concerns that African countries may not get vaccinated until 2022 due to the hoarding of the vaccine by the rich Nations.

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Last week Thursday, Africa CDC John Nkensong said, it will be so terrible to see rich Nations getting hold of the vaccines while African Countries are not getting anything. He called out the United Nations to hold a session to discuss the issue to avoid a “North-South distrust in respect to vaccines, which is a common good.”

Catherine Kyobutungi, the epidemiologist and executive director of the African population and Health Research Center said a big challenge regarding access to vaccines is a “lack of global solidarity”

“We have seen reports about countries like the US and UK securing a huge share of Vaccine doses which then leaves you wondering, what about the rest of us?”

Amnesty International and People’s Vaccine alliance condemned the act of the rich Nations for hoarding vaccines.


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