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A Nigerian Man Was Brutalized And Killed By Indian Police




- Screenshot 20210329 191822 1 300x203 - A Nigerian Man Was Brutalized And Killed By Indian PoliceA Nigerian man was brutalized and killed by Indian police.


The death of a Nigerian man named Leohand Lyeanyi has sparked a protest near Vikaspuri’s Outer Ring Road, with Indian police being suspected of being involved.



The 43-year-old Nigerian man was said to have died in Tilak Nagar, West Delhi, after a brief encounter with a police officer in the early hours of Sunday March 28.


The police, on the other hand, denied this, claiming that an initial medical examination revealed no visible external injuries and that his interaction with a police officer and a home-guard patrolling duty in the area had nothing to do with it.


Deputy Commissioner of Police (West), Urvija Goel


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