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A bird discovers golf balls can bounce and it cannot stop playing, viral video



A video of a bird is becoming crazy viral on the Internet, in which a bird is seen playing with a ball and social media users are sharing this video on their accounts. In this video going viral, it can be seen that a bird is in the golf field and only then many golf balls are seen there in the ground. The bird picks up one of the balls from its mouth and takes it to the cement track made in the middle of the field and hits the ball hard on that track. As soon as the bird hits the golf ball on the track, the ball bounces and goes high. Bird enjoys doing all this and he tries to bounce the ball again and again by lifting the ball out of his mouth.

This viral video of a bird has been shared on Twitter account ‘Yoda4ever’, which has been liked by 199.4K users so far and 34.6K Retweets have been done. Twitter users are giving their different reactions on this video and 4.6 million users have watched this video so far. This adorable video of Bird playing with a golf ball has been filmed by some people standing on the ground in their phones, which is now being shared fiercely.

Bird bounces golf ball on the cart path!

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