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The Mystery Behind Rashidi Yekini’s Death



Th e Mystery Surrounding The Untold Story Of Rashidi Yekini’s Death

The Mystery Behind Rashidi Yekini's Death - IMG 20200505 041823 300x282 - The Mystery Behind Rashidi Yekini’s Death

Rashidi Yekini is an outstanding Nigeria soccer player who as acquired fame for his country before his demise. His death was a shock to the entire nation as it was pronounced suddenly in 2012. There are so many stories that were attached to his death but I will have to analyze how it all happened according to Segun Adisa an MITV presenter who investigated his death during the period.

Many had said that his death was caused by his family, many liaise it to his marital problem, while some said he died out of frustrations.

The truth was that there is no denying that his death was sudden because he was not ill and according to the people who lived next to his palatial house at ring road area in Ibadan said that he still went for his football training at the stadium the day he died, so his death came as a shock for them.


The Mystery Behind Rashidi Yekini's Death - images 25 1 - The Mystery Behind Rashidi Yekini’s DeathHow It All Happened

Rashidi Yekini was someone who derived solace from solitude, he is easy-going and full of respect and according to people living in his domain, they said it was inadvisable for him to drive past old men and women without coming down from his car to prostrate for the old ones according to the Yoruba’s custom.

Some even said why they like him was that despite that he can express himself in English he was fond of speaking Ibadan dialect and his not of Ibadan decent, he his from Offa In Kwara state. The way people talk about him shows that they truly know him. According to them there was a time, his wife left him and he was left alone in his palatial and enormous house, yet he did allow a flinch of that to pull him down, he went his own way doing his things alone. At a time, it appeared that things turn around for him, and he sold some of his properties, there was another occasion, when a broadcaster announced on a radio station that Rashidi Yekini, set some of his properties ablaze, that jarred our sensibilities, and when Segun Adisa enquired from his neighbours in the street they confirmed it, but some said they asked him about the burnt properties and he said they were antiquated furniture.

The Mystery Behind Rashidi Yekini's Death - download 17 300x146 - The Mystery Behind Rashidi Yekini’s DeathHis House At Ibadan

This his gesticulations now appeared to his people as lunacy, thus they resolved to do something about it, unbeknownst to them that he has as entrusted a large part of his fortune to a friend who was into bureau-de-change business.

It was said that he confided in that his friend whose name was know as Ibrahim.

Ibrahim took a large undisclosed amount of money from him to support his bureau-de-change business with the agreement to pay back but it was so unfortunate that Ibrahim was attacked by armed robbers who took all the money from him after killing him, Yekini was devastated on hearing this.


So things turn upside down afterwards for him, many time was when his super eagle’s colleagues will come to assist him financially, especially Sunday Oliseh, his neighbours said it was through the privilege of Yekini that they met numerous Nigeria footballers.

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During the odd experience of Yekini, people said Yekini has now seen trekking to the stadium because all his automobiles were faulty and no money to repair them, on different occasions people see him eating from one buka to another, sometimes he will be seen buying Boli(a roasted plantain) and groundnut on the street. To his kindred all this odd experience of his are indications of mental derangement, hence they make move to intervene.

4th Of May 2012

The Mystery Behind Rashidi Yekini's Death - IMG 20200505 041823 1 300x282 - The Mystery Behind Rashidi Yekini’s DeathAt USA ’94’

According to people living on the same street with, his kindred came in the night. That time he is was not yet back from his training so they waited for him.

On his arrival, they approached and seized him, but they were unable to subdue him thus one of his sisters shouted: ” Alfa e lo gbese yen wa” meaning “Alfa ( a common name for a Muslim cleric or marabout) go and bring that charm” so the Alfa ran to the car that they brought and hit him on the chest ( everyone can go watch Segun Adisa’s ” Labe Orun” interview with Rashidi Yekini’s street inhabitants online to confirm) that moment Yekini was overpowered due to the efficacy of the charm, and everything happened in the presence of his mother, they took him away afterwards.


I know his family does not wish to harm him, all they thought was that he was partially insane and for them to assist him they must find a way to take him away to where he will heal, but they took the wrong idea of taking him with a charm, I thought the charm harmed him eventually because his demise was announced the next day.

The aftermath of His Demise

After his demise, things turned around for his mum and there was no one to help,

The Mystery Behind Rashidi Yekini's Death - 4130144 fbimg1471638069116 jpegfaa860ed4056d05b85e2eea1560731b8 300x224 - The Mystery Behind Rashidi Yekini’s DeathHis mum after his demiseThe Mystery Behind Rashidi Yekini's Death - 4130113 fbimg1471638059635 jpege6aab6ec25bdc75874560c306a2d575d 300x215 - The Mystery Behind Rashidi Yekini’s Death

but luckily the former Governor of Kwara state and former Senate president Bukola Saraki came to her aids by renovating his house that she stays in Offa, he supported her trade and also bought a tricycle for his young brother.

His Legacy


The Mystery Behind Rashidi Yekini's Death - images 26 1 - The Mystery Behind Rashidi Yekini’s DeathOne very important thing in life is that we should leave a great legacy behind, Yekini is a Nigerian legend that would be remembered forever, for is tremendous support in the upliftment of our country.

He has left a great legacy behind, he trained his daughters. His daughter “Yemisi Rashidat” graduated from a university in England, while his second daughter “Omoyemi” is a graduate of English at the University of Ilorin.

There was a time, his Ibadan resident was about to be sold out, but now his daughters as resolved to turn it to a sports museums because all his sports accolades are there. These are the decision of his daughters, he does not live a useless life, he came, he saw and he conquered by making name for Nigeria, himself and leaving a good legacy behind for his children and family.

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