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Importance of exclusive breastfeeding to both mother and child.



Importance of exclusive breastfeeding to both mother and child.

“Health is wealth” says a popular adage.

I say, knowing how to apply knowledge alright, could be a saving grace in times of need.

Today, we will be treating the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding to a child and the mother.

while most ladies do not see need for it, embarking on the journey of exclusive breastfeeding can be a saving grace both to the mother and the child.


One of the greatest and most important thing to note in this as a mother is this;

Breast milk is variably nutritious and helps intermittently in the natural and healthy growth of children.

Statistics has also proven that kids fed with exclusive breastfeeding, tend to have higher IQs than their counterparts.

Baby foods are good. But, none of them seems to have one quarter of the nutrient a mother’s breast milk offers.

So, wouldn’t it be wise if you fed your child exclusively?


And give him the opportunity to be smart and outstanding.

WHO, (World Health Organization) has also proven that exclusive breastfeeding helps to prevent breast cancer in nursing mothers.

What that means is this; mothers who engage in exclusive breastfeeding standing a lower chance of getting breast cancer.

Isn’t that amazing.

But, surprisingly, a lot of women will rather opt for baby foods than feed their babies with their breast milk, this is because they disdain the fact that their boobs could become flattened as a result of this?


Have you ever wondered why our aged mothers didn’t encounter any of these terrible sicknesses such as cancer, fibroid and the rests?

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The answer is directly staring at your face.

I hope our nursing mothers will learn to put this into practice.

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