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5 Ways To Make Your Eyes Sparkling White, No Eye Drop



We have come up with 5 Ways To Make Your eyeballs Sparkling Clean again after the reddish or Yellow, dull colour without eye drop

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If there is anything that beautifies your look, the eyeballs play a crucial role. Apart from paying attention at your facial skin, the clearness of the eyes, the windows to the soul, deserves attention and we seem to neglect this a lot. Bright eyes are signs of healthiness and key to looking more attractive especially the moment you look into your partner’s eyes or asking them to look into your eyes to confirm the treasure of love hidden in there. That sounds funny. Isn’t?

So, in essence, these are some of the ways you can care for your eyes to achieve that bright crystal-clear eyes again.

1. Take lots of Cucumber

Cucumber have much presence of water solution that are capable of providing clearness for your yellowing or reddish eyes. This redness are always as a result of lack of sleep or staring too long at your PC screen or even phone screen on high degree of brightness. Exposing your eyes to smoke can’t be underrated when it comes to cause of red eyes. So cucumber will do you a lot of good to restoring your bright eyes.

2. Cold water Remedy

You see, there is a sort of magic in cold water when it comes to restoring the whitness of your eyes. Look for a clean white cloth or handkerchief and soak in cold or iced water filled with iced cubes. Wring it out before placing over your partially opened eyes for minimum of 5 minutes. Repeat this twice or three times in day and watch the cloud of stains lift from your eyes like the dawn sky giving way to daybreak.

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3. Sleep more to relax the eyes

It is no news that redness or dullness in the eyes can be as sleepless night. Getting enough rest would definitely improve the eyes.

5 Ways To Make Your Eyes Sparkling White, No Eye Drop - 20200501 081801 1 300x300 - 5 Ways To Make Your Eyes Sparkling White, No Eye Drop

It would relax eye muscles and restores the natural whitness of baby eyes. Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours for good result. Taking a bath before bed is one of the ways to have a sound sleep if you are not isomniac, of course..

4. Tea bags Remedy for the eyes

Tea bags of any nature at all are effective for relaxing and rejuvenating eyes for a youthful healthier look. Tea bags are great for removing bacteria and also reducing inflammation that could cause your eyes to turn red.

5. Supplements to improve the eyes

Vitamins and minerals should henceforth be included in your diet. Take supplemental vitamin daily. Also, you can take omega 3 capsules or fish oil supplements to boost your level of omega 3 acids.

I hope this tips are helpful. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. We respond to feedback in minutes.


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