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5 Things Every Tenant Needs To Do To Become A Landowner In Few Years



It is no gain saying to say that a lot of people don’t want to live in another man’s apartment as a tenant paying rents yearly.

It is also no gain saying to say that some people have relegated themselves and accepted the norms of living under another man as a normal status quo.

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Every man wants to be his own landlord, we all want to own our own home without having to bother ourselves with keeping aside money that should be invested on other things as money for payment of rents.5 things every tenant needs to do to become a landowner in few years - IMG 20200425 125017 300x136 - 5 Things Every Tenant Needs To Do To Become A Landowner In Few Years

We all want to avoid the drama of having to out up with the dramas of the landlords and landladies coupled with various ensuring dramas from the neighbors whose actions are most times un predictable.5 things every tenant needs to do to become a landowner in few years - IMG 20200425 130029 250x300 - 5 Things Every Tenant Needs To Do To Become A Landowner In Few Years

A lot of individuals want to own their own home but various factors among which include getting too much comfort from living under another man, frivolous spending, expenses exceeding revenue, less income, improper planning and a lot of other things can confine one to being a tenant for several years.


However small there are some major attitude and actions that every tenant should start developing and taking in oder to own their own house in a couple of years away from now. among them include

1. Proper Planning

A lot of times, the reason why a lot of people are still tenants today is because they live their life without properly planning and working towards it.

Proper planning involves projections and hard work which a lot of people are not mentally sound to engage in.

A sound mind needs to plan his income, expenses, and no go at the back to change plans because of a certain issue on ground.


2. Savings and Investments

Every tenant across the world should learn to save and invest their little savings in ventures that will increase their revenues.

A money that is saved and properly invested will go a long way in bringing massive revenue to the individuals few years from now.

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Like the adverbial proverb goes “do not eat with your ten fingers”. we should all learn the art of saving either formally or informally.

3. Never be too Comfortable in another man’s house


Sometimes a landlord might be very generous not because of any evil motive but because they have a good nature. Despite this, as an individual living as a tenant under another man, we should never get too carried away with the hospitality to the point the goal of moving to one’s house in the nearest future will be eroded. A lot of things can happen which we might not even imagine will happen.

The hospitable house owner may die snd the children will decide to sell the house. The tenants may be given eviction notice when they least expected hence it becomes appropriate that one must never be too comfortable with being a tenant.

4. Avoid wasteful and Extravagant friends

Like the popular adage goes “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”. The kinds of friends a man keep will clearly reflect in the things he does and the steps he follows

A man living in a rented apartment and having frivolous friends whose lifestyle thrive on wasteful spending will never be able to think of moving beyond his present reach because his actions and reasoning have been restricted because of the kinds of friends he moves with.


5. Pray

To him that desires progress, hard work is essential and prayer is equally important.

Everyone of us still living in a rented apartment need to work hard and pray to Gos to make a way where there seems to be none. Like the bible says, the prayer of the righteous works wonder.

Sometimes spiritual forces may hamper ones progress in life among which include living as a tenant all the days of one’s life. But with prayers every mountain of failure will be subjected to destruction.


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