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5 things Covid-19 has taught me about life

Five things Covid-19 has taught me about life:

(1) That we are not as powerful as we seem. As humans, we are the self-professed highest being in the questionable theory of evolution. We have become world powers, creating machines and making discoveries that transcend our own little minds.

Yet all it takes for us to quake in fear is one tiny microscopic organism that has an identity crisis between being a living thing and not being. We need the help of the Supreme-being, for he is all-powerful.

(2) That health is not wealth but better. In the face of impending death, all the money in the world cannot bribe death to look away. It reminds me of these famous last words:

…at this moment, lying on the sick bed and recalling my whole life, I realize that all the recognition and wealth that I took so much pride in have paled in the face of an impending death…

The wealthy and powerful who have gotten this virus are in the same boat as the poor and middle-class who have too. This virus is indifferent to the fatness of your pocket. For the first time, a virus is teaching us what it means to be simply human.

(3) To believe in the impossible. In all my years sojourning this world, I never even once had the wild dream its entirety might be literally under lockdown. But here we are. When we come out of this (and I pray it is soon.) I’d make sure to always remember two things:

  • You don’t believe it, doesn’t mean it’s not possible
  • If it will happen, it will. Your beliefs do not make a dent in the matter, it is only how you handle the situation that does
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(4) That death is a fact of life that we are unaccustomed to, till it scares us right in the face in the sacred form of reality. That death is not just a figure like our tongue reads it in the newspapers or something for the notable or unlucky. There’s no luck in death. It’s only time…

(5)  That we often take things for granted, like our health before the sickness comes, like our youth before old age, like our freedom before we have no choice but to stay within the confines of our homes, with not even the luxury of a casual stroll. It makes me wonder how many other things I have taken for granted that might come back to bite me later.


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