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4 reported dead in hospital fire in Bucharest




4 reported dead in hospital fire in bucharest - bb6fbeb6 eaa8 45e5 9a76 d2954eeee768 cx0 cy10 cw0 w1200 r1 300x169 - 4 reported dead in hospital fire in Bucharest

Authorities in Romania said Friday a fire at a key hospital in Bucharest that also treats COVID-19 patients has killed at least four people and injured others.

The fire broke out early Friday on the ground floor of the hospital in Bucharest.

The blaze forced the evacuation of the building that houses 100 people.


An unspecified number of people were injured before firefighters put out the fire, Romanian emergency services said in a preliminary report.

Hours later, charred balconies could be seen at the Matei Bals hospital where health authorities organized the start of Romania’s vaccination efforts.

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