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3 Virus spread by Bats that are more Deadly than Coronavirus



3 Virus Spread by Bats that are more Deadly Than Coronavirus

bat virus bats - batss 300x225 - 3 Virus spread by Bats that are more Deadly than Coronavirus

Some of the world’s deadliest viruses are spread by Bats which include the SARs virus which the deadly coronavirus is a family of.  In the last 50 years, more dangerous pathogens have infected humans, which can all be traced to the bats. However, this is not bats faults as humans have continued to encroach on bats territories especially in the tropics.

Bats Virus bats - Marburg Virus Disease Uganda 300x225 - 3 Virus spread by Bats that are more Deadly than Coronavirus

Bats have been known to carry more human-killing viruses and diseases than any other animals. Funny enough bats are immune to this deadly virus; through specialized cells to keep the virus in check and also high body temperature during flights. Some viruses have involved, finding ways to survive the bat body temperature when it takes to flight. What this means that flight might have made bats immune to the virus, and at the same time have helped the viruses to build immunity against humans.

Here are 3 deadly viruses, more deadly than Coronavirus that are spread by bats.

  1. Nipah Virus

The fatality rate of the Nipah virus is more than 70%. From medical records available, it shows that the chances of surviving the Nipah virus are less likely compared to the coronavirus, though the coronavirus can spread easily to a large number of people.

The first case of the Nipah virus infection was identified in 1998 when an outbreak of the respiratory and neurological disease broke out in pig farms in Malaysia resulting in 265 human cases with 105 human deaths.


Nipah virus is transmitted from the Pteropid fruit bat to pigs, which jump from pigs to humans. Symptoms of the Nipah virus include; fever, headache, sore throat, acute encephalitis and seizure can occur in some victims that progress into a coma.

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  1. Hendra Virus

Hendra virus is closely related to the Nipah virus, and it is carried by the same Pteropid fruit bat. The fatality rate of the Hendra virus in humans is about 60% and about 75% fatality rate in horses. The Hendra virus was discovered in Australian in 1994.

Symptoms of the Hendra virus include; tiredness, headache, sore throat, and complications that can lead to lung infections and inflammation of the lining in the brain and spinal cord. The virus is spread through contact with the fluid of sick and infected horses. There is no evidence of human to human spread.

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  1. Marbug Virus

The Marburg virus disease is a highly infectious disease that causes hemorrhagic fever with a fatality of above 80% in humans. This virus is considered extremely dangerous by the Who Health Organization (WHO).

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Symptoms of the Marburg Virus are similar to Ebola, though both are not the same. There is no actual treatment for the virus after infection but early detection and treatment of symptoms can increase the survival chance for the virus.


The Marburg virus was first discovered in 1967 in Europe. The virus is also carried by fruit bats and has also been used as a biological weapon by Russian.


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