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” My Sister Was Beaten To Death By Her Husband”- A Nigerian Man Cried Out



 ” My Sister Was Beaten To Death By Her Husband”- A Nigerian Man Cried Outauto draft - BeautyPlus 20201228073340 save 300x200 - ” My Sister Was Beaten To Death By Her Husband”- A Nigerian Man Cried Out

Soji Ologunde- Elder brother to the deceased 

A certain Nigerian man has cried out about the sudden death of her younger sister named Bose Ologunde.
Bose died earlier this year, but according to information, her husband absconded immediately after the odious incident.
According to Soji Ologunde, Bose’s elder brother who narrated the story to BBC Yoruba; he said since the couple had married there has been no peace for his sister.
He said he can’t remember the number of times that his sister has been rushed to the hospital after she had sustained severe injuries from the husband’s beatings.
He spoke further that when the case of the severe beatings of his sister was getting too much, he resolves to gathered some boys to locate the husband and did the same to him, but their parents kicked against the idea and rather seek for a divorce between the draft - BeautyPlus 20201228073305 save 300x300 - ” My Sister Was Beaten To Death By Her Husband”- A Nigerian Man Cried Out

Bose Ologunde- The Deceased

While they were preparing for the divorce, Bose was taken out of her husband’s house, and she was staying alone in another location at Akure where they lived.
Meanwhile, Saheed-the husband was not himself again; he would go and beg Bose to come back to him until they both resolved to reconcile.
However, the families of Bose agreed on the reconciliation but forced Saheed to signed a document at a police station in Akure, bearing an oath that stipulated that Saheed will be seriously dealt with whenever he beat his wife again.
Consequently, no one knows what had kept Bose aloof from notifying her family about their further misunderstandings, until when the news came to her family that Bose slumped and died when she was trying to access their detachable bathroom in their courtyard.
When BBC Yoruba visited the domain, the neighbors of the couple made a declaration that Bose had died from the pressure of the severe beatings because they notice that the couple had another rancor earlier before her death.
This is what led to the outcry of Soji Ologunde, the elder brother of Bose, who notified the BBC Yoruba that ever since the death of Bose the husband had absconded.
He now persuaded the Nigerians to please notified the police if anyone eventually has any link to Saheed the husband.
This is a big lesson for all Nigerian couples. Fighting all the time will only aggravate matters that’s why we all need to dissuade from it.

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