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10 Signs Your Girlfriend is a Wife Material



Getting a wife material isn’t a very easy job,as some peolpe tend to pretend but definitely they can’t play the game for that long .
If you don’t know what qualities to look for in a lady you want to spend the rest of your life with, take a look at these 10 signs of a wife material.

10 Signs Your Girlfriend is a Wife Material - pexels photo 1295941 272x300 - 10 Signs Your Girlfriend is a Wife Material

1. A wife material takes care of your stomach
She knows that the way to your heart is through your stomach. You love food right? This should be a deal breaker if you are considering getting hitched.

Forget the clamour by modern day feminists who insist that it is not a must for a woman to know how to cook. If your woman is a great cook and knows how to make those tasty meals you adore, it is a huge sign she will make a good wife.

Otherwise, if she cannot differentiate between ‘egusi’ and palm oil, you are going to have a little problem with this wife-to-be.


2. Intellectual curiosity
You are looking for a woman who will not only complete you but challenge you as well. The last thing you need is a sycophant.

An ideal wife material should understand your upsides and downsides to make you a better man but not to take advantage of them. Of course, you cannot have the perfect girlfriend but you need someone who reasons before acting.

3. God-fearing
Your girlfriend doesn’t have to be ‘churchy’ type but she should at least be a believer. She may not be a choir leader, but a wife material should be religious. You want a mother who will raise your kids in a Godly way.

4. She surprises you
This is another sign you are hooked up to a wife material. If she surprises you from time to time, it means that you are always on her mind.

She loves surprises and so do you, only that you expect different types of surprises. She might surprise you by telling you to go out and have fun with your male friends. This is a sign of a good wife; a woman who lets you enjoy your freedom with your friends.


5. She supports you when in need.


10 Signs Your Girlfriend is a Wife Material - pexels photo 4011770 216x300 - 10 Signs Your Girlfriend is a Wife Material
This is one big sign that she is committed to your relationship. If she wasn’t, she would run away from you when you need support. Instead, she sticks around when you are sick and consoles you when you are feeling low. She chips in by buying the toiletries once in a while. She will still be your biggest fan even if you lose your job.

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Instead of nagging you, she will help you find a job. Her unwavering encouragements and support make you want to bend the knee and propose marriage.

6. A wife material girlfriend is pleasant
You want to spend the rest of your life with someone who is easy to get along with as opposed to a moody personality.

How are her mood swings? Does she smile when you are in private or just to keep appearances in public? Find out if she is nice all the times.


A woman who wears a facade is not a wife material because she will make your life miserable most of the time when she reveals her true colours. You don’t want to be welcomed by a face of thunder every time you get home.

7. A homemaker
If your girlfriend doesn’t show any home-making strategies, you will have a lot of issues to deal with when you marry her. Does she wash your clothes, and how does she organize a house, from changing curtains to cleaning the veranda?

8. A good sense of humour
This is one of the best qualities you can find in a woman. She doesn’t take things too seriously; she is adventurous and genuine. You want to have a long-lasting relationship with someone who makes you happy.

Laughing together as a couple is the perfect definition of a happy marriage. Laughter as the best medicine can help you deal with stress when there’s a major crisis in your life.

9. She can control her emotions.



10 Signs Your Girlfriend is a Wife Material - pexels photo 792777 200x300 - 10 Signs Your Girlfriend is a Wife Material
Feminism advocates for women to express their feelings but only a few women know how to control their emotions. When something is wrong, a wife should not scream at her husband, particularly in the presence of kids. It is okay to feel angry but a wife material takes time to calm down before acting.

10. An organized woman
Most men are carefree and this sometimes gets them into big troubles like bankruptcy. Wouldn’t you want to live with somebody who ensures that your life is on track all the time?

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1 Comment

  1. Eva

    September 15, 2020 at 12:28 PM

    AT first it was heavy in my heart when my boyfriend said he need some space,he claimed he needed more time alone for himself at least for a month,i was devastated because i have built my life around him as the only man i’ve known for 3yrs.i couldn’t figure it out b/cus we had always been at peace.

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